Dorottya Nagy-Szakal

Director of Community & Partnerships

Dorottya earned a Doctor of Medicine and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in clinical medicine from Semmelweis University School of Medicine in Hungary. She has 9+ years of experience holding postdoctoral fellowships at Baylor College of Medicine/ Texas Children's Hospital and Columbia University in translational medicine, pediatrics, gastroenterology and microbiology. She is currently the Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Laboratory Director at Biotia. Dorottya enjoys her free time discovering secret spots in New York City and loves running insane distances. 


Zsuzsanna Gedeon


Zsuzsanna holds a JD from ELTE Law School and an LLM in Comparative Constitutional Law from CEU. As part of her PhD studies in Constitutional Law, she conducted research at Georgetown University and NYU Law School as a Fulbright Scholar. Zsuzsanna is currently working as Chief of Staff at Givz. Zsuzsanna's guilty pleasures include learning 'legilimency', pointing out logical flaws and playing games - including but not limited to(!): Risk, Nintendo, scavenger hunt. Her superpower is overanalyzing.


Lilla Horvath

Director of Development

Lilla has a Doctor of Medicine degree from Semmelweis University School of Medicine in Hungary.  She has seven years of Neuroscience research experience holding post-doctoral fellowships at Columbia University, and NYU. She currently works as Associate Director, Development Operations at Greenwich Biosciences. Lilla enjoys discovering coffee shops, composing music and has an inexplicable obsession with giraffes.

Bernat Ivancsics

Director of Communication

Bernat received a BA in American Studies from Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest and an MS in Journalism from Columbia University. His serendipitous career as a reporter and a recipient of various fellowships has taken him from the Hungarian capital to Hartford, CT and to St. Augustine in Trinidad and Tobago, from where he stopped briefly in Seattle and Redmond, WA, only to finally settle in New York City for a PhD in Communications at Columbia. Bernat is a tireless traveler, hobby photographer, and data geek.